Ways You Can Be Harming Your Own Mental Health

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There are 100,000 things in this world lining up to drive you INSANE. They don’t need your help. But if you’re doing any of THESE things, you’re helping turn yourself nuts. So stop it!
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You’re Drinking Too Much Cofee

Excessive caffeine has been shown to increase anxiety. It can also rob us of sleep. Basically, that extra cup of coffee only defers the problem you’re trying to eliminate. Drink less coffee and get more sleep.
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You’re Keeping Secrets

Keeping secrets cuts you off from other people. They sense your inauthenticity. Here’s no surprise: if you’re living a lie, you’re telling lies. You won’t like yourself, knowing that you’re a liar. Whatever ‘closet’ you’re in, get out of it.
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You’re Watching Too Much TV

There’s over 50 years of research telling us that too much TV is bad for you, and you know most of it. The deep problem is that you’re not letting yourself think your own thoughts. Imagination? Forget about it. Stop needing to be entertained all the time.
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You’re Poor

If you’re poor, you’re almost certainly living in a low (or high) level of anxiety. Your self-esteem is taking a hit. By definition, high anxiety and low self-esteem are tough on your psychological health. If it’s possible, solve this problem first. Take a year – or two – to focus on almost nothing else.
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Too Much Time On The Phone

This isn’t just about the phone. It’s also about social media. Excessive use of these has been linked to depression, loneliness and sleeplessness. Watch for getting caught up in conversations you can’t get out of. Make sure to shut everything down 30-60 minutes before you go to bed.
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You’re Not Praying Or Meditating

Lots of us don’t believe in anything. But most of us do – and many of us who do believe don’t do anything about it. If that’s you, you’re depriving yourself of the ultimate resource. You might also be setting yourself up for spending the last half-hour of your life in absolute fear.
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You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleeplessness is an epidemic in advanced countries. Too many of us look at it as simply a waste of time. But you need a full night of sleep to keep mind and body sharp.
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You’re Being A Victim

Is there someone in your life you’re tip-toeing around? Someone you fear? This is draining you of vitality, and it could be putting yourself in actual danger. Get out of that situation.
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You’re On Something

Your mind on drugs is not your mind not on drugs. The effects just keep multiplying. Other people DO notice. Further, you’re increasing the chances for that one, life-shattering accident.
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You’re Too Serious About Politics

Political engagement at some level is a civic duty. But if you find yourself in a state of real anger at some large percentage of your country, tone it down. Here’s a fact: people will disagree with you. Here’s another: you’re one person. You can make difference – a SMALL difference. Make it, then enjoy your day.
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You’re Sitting Too Much

‘Standing desks’ are the wave of the future. Why? Because long hours spent in a seated position is bad for you emotionally. It also sheds years off your life. Notice that cavemen didn’t spend much time sitting behind a desk.
You’re Not Getting Enough Sunlight

We need sunlight for our emotional as well as physical health. There’s a reason people get depressed over the winter months, after all.
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